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tradtional family jewellers in plymouth

We are always looking to make investments and add to our vast and diverse collection of Second-hand Jewellery and Antiques.

Antiques can vary, we are always interested in silver and gold items, here are some examples of the types of items we are looking for:

Military medals are symbols of bravery, valour, and skill. Each Medal has its own story of a particular moment in history and a person who rose to the occasion. Known as Military works of art, they can also be quite beautiful, whether their colourful ribbons bear enamelled crosses, metal stars and bars, or commemorative coins.

Medals are awarded for service and conduct, as well as participation in a particular campaign. Medals encompass all awards that hang from a ribbon, unless the award is a decoration, which is only awarded for distinction on the battlefield. Even so, the term medal is frequently used to describe decorations.

Typically made from Sterling Silver. Forks, Knifes and Spoons all varying in sizes. Predominately used before the discovery of stainless steel in the 1920’s, Sterling Silver was found within most household not exclusively the wealthy. Sterling Silver can be identified by a ‘925’ hallmark.

Additionally there is Household Silver.

This can vary from generic tableware (Plates and Bowls) to more specialised items. (gravy boats and candlesticks)

There are many items that are made from silver, not just dinner and tableware items and we will always consider other items.

Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns and many other coins from around The World, Sovereigns can be identified by one side with Saint George killing the dragon and the other being the British Monarch who was reigning at the time the coin was minted.

We are also interested in your unwanted Gold and Silver, we do not advertise the price we pay as this can fluctuate each day, feel free to drop come into either branch and we’ll give honest free advice on what you have and make the best offer we can.